Auric Editions

We take pride in offering special, auric editions of the carefully selected works we publish, firmly convinced that a book may potentially become alive. We consider bookmaking an alchemical process aiming at the creation of a perfect vehicle for the transformative nature of the wisdom it embeds. Through the exact fusion of outer and inner, not only a book of supreme beauty comes into being but also, and more importantly, a fetich in the true magical sense. The physical manifestation of an auric book gives birth to an entity through which a reader may enter ever deeper into the Gnosis.

Our fine editions are produced to the highest standards, aiming to inspire and seduce through the unique nimbus which only the corporeal, sacred talisman can emanate. By the constant use and interaction with such a living book as presence, the reader continuously increases the power of its spirit, creating out of every tome an individual temple containing unique doorways into the Numinous.

Auric ‘deluxe’ copies are published in a highly limited edition and often sell out during the pre-order phase. To be able to secure one of these highly sought-after talismanic books in time, we encourage you to sign up to our mailing list. Our subscribers receive all relevant information first and have advanced pre-order options.

Son of Prometheus. The Life and Work of Joséphin Péladan

Auric Edition, limited to 46 hand-numbered copies, fully hand-bound in dark red, scarlet leather, manufactured in Germany. Gold cover embossing of an original design by the author, lettering on spine, headbands and ribbon. Presented in a custom-made red velvety solander box with gold interior and gold embossing on cover and spine. Inside the box’s cover, as book mirror, is a tipped-in print on smooth watercolour paper in A5 of “Lost in the Light”, an original pen and ink, b/w + red, freehand illustration by Sasha Chaitow, signed and dated, exclusively drawn for Theion Publishing.

The Vodou Quantum Leap, Tribute edition

Auric Edition, limited to 45 hand-numbered copies. Fully hand-bound in a special binding manner of high-quality, eco-friendly tanned red leather on front and back cover, fully covering the boards, and black bonded leather on spine. Black cover embossing, red lettering on spine, headbands, ribbon. Presented in custom slipcase.

The Infernal Masque

Auric Edition, limited to 58 hand-numbered copies. Fully hand-bound in German-manufactured deep red quality leather. Black and gold embossing on front and back covers, gold lettering on spine. Presented in custom slipcase with marbled paper.

The Benighted Path, 2nd Edition

Auric Edition, limited to 58 hand-numbered copies. Fully hand-bound in fine black leather. Two-color (gold and silver) front and back embossing, lettering on spine, ribbon, headbands. Presented in custom slipcase with marbled paper.

Of Cosmogonic Eros, 2nd Edition

Special Edition limited to 115 copies. Half-leather binding with bonded leather on spine, marbled paper on cover boards. Gold lettering on spine, ribbon, headbands, solid slipcase.

The Cult of the Black Cube, expanded 2nd Edition

Auric Edition, limited to 43 hand-numbered copies. Fully hand-bound in fine dark blue leather, two-color front embossing, raised bands on spine, headbands, ribbon. Including a small lead plate on front, embossed with the sign of Saturn. Presented in custom slipcase.