Website relaunch special

Update: all titles offered as relaunch special have been sold and are no longer available. This page is the original landing page of our newsletter. If you do not want to miss out on special offers like this, sign up for our mailing list!

To celebrate our new website and to thank all of our loyal friends and customers for their enthusiastic support over the past years we have put together an exciting launch special:

Some months ago, when moving our stock to a new warehouse, we discovered a box with clothbound copies of our first release, the notorious Grimoire of the Black Sun Liber Nigri Solis by Victor Voronov. This work has been sold out for years and will never be reprinted. The resurfaced bundle contained three different types of copies: 10 hand-numbered copies of the original run of 540 copies, 7 unnumbered copies from overproduction, 5 unnumbered and slightly ‘faulty’ copies from overproduction (slight discoloration or slightly damaged cloth, perfect inside of book). Due to the impact and importance of this book, we have decided to make this very limited number of copies available for purchase!

We will also offer three Auric deluxe copies each of The Benighted Path by Richard Gavin and Chthonic Gnosis by Gunnar Alksnis et al., both of which we believe to be amongst our finest productions. Both these Auric editions have been sold out and the exemplars for sale here are copies which were never claimed by their buyers or could not be delivered and thus were returned to us.

We know that our books demand rather high figures on the collector’s market so this will be a perfect (and final) opportunity to complete your collection of Theion releases for ‘in stock’ prices!

All of these special offer titles are highly sought after and copies will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Once they are gone they are gone!