Arthur Moros

Dr. Arthur Moros was a scholar of religions and a devoted initiate of Saturn for 30 years. Sadly he passed away in early 2017 under mysterious circumstances. The Cult of the Black Cube is his [...]


David Beth

Born in Angola, Africa, David Beth is the co-owner of Theion Publishing and the founder of the Pandaemonic Current and Hierophant of its associated initiatic groups. University educated in Germany and the USA, he has received [...]


Gunnar Alksnis

Dr. Gunnar Alksnis was born in Riga, Latvia in 1931 and moved to the USA with his family in 1949. He received his Bachelor of Divinity degree from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in [...]


Harper Feist

Harper Feist is an esotericist, a scientist and a historian. She’s interested chiefly in magical innovations of late antiquity, and the use of these tools and methods today. She is involved in both the [...]


Jason Arthur Green

Jason Arthur Green was born in South Africa and is a Philosophos, Hieratic poet and Theurgist. From an early age, he devoted his life to fulfilling true Philosophia Spirtualis as Fons Vitae, the fountain [...]


Reginald Crosley

Haitian metaphysician Reginald Crosley is a medical Doctor specialized in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. Having been involved in Haitian Surrealism and a member of the influential Haiti littéraire, Dr. Crosley now resides in [...]


Richard Gavin

Richard Gavin is a critically-acclaimed writer who works in the areas of horror and the primordial, oftentimes illuminating the nexus where these fields intersect. He has authored four books of macabre fiction, as well [...]


Robert Allen

Robert H. Allen has been a practicing ceremonial magician for more than half a century; his life in magick began when he was 13 years old. In his late teens, he joined the [...]


Shea Bilé

Shea Bilé is an author, occult lecturer, musician, performance artist, and podcast host. A researcher and devotee of esoteric practice for nearly 25 years, his committed adherence to subversive forms of spiritual expression [...]


Tomas Vincente

Dr. Tomas Vincente is a scholar of ancient religion, magic and esotericism. His past work explores the emergence of Christian monotheism and the resulting decline of the chthonic cults of the ancient Mediterranean [...]


Volker Zotz

Volker Zotz Volker Zotz Ph.D. (Ācārya Sudarśanavajra), born in 1956, was a student of the German-Indian master Lama Anagarika Govinda (1898-1985) since 1972. Zotz is Govinda’s heir and spiritual successor as head of [...]



Zemaemidjehuty (Zemmi) is a poet-priest and theurgist in service to the Great God Djehuty. The founder of the Church of Flesh and Feather his work and research focuses amongst others on [...]