(c) Shea Bilé
Shea Bilé is an author, occult lecturer, musician, performance artist, and podcast host. A researcher and devotee of esoteric practice for nearly 25 years, his committed adherence to subversive forms of spiritual expression has served as a vital foundation for his work. He has conducted lectures and workshops throughout the United States and beyond, primarily on subjects related to Left Hand Path occultism and religious heterodoxy.
He is the host of the Deferred Gnosis Podcast, a show primarily focused on investigating and exploring contemporary and fringe philosophical, spiritual, and religious subjects. As a ritual performance artist, he blends various forms of esoteric practice with transgressive ritual expression. His occult writings, as well as his poetry, have appeared in numerous print and digital publications, his most recent being, “Friedrich Nietzsche and the Left Hand Path,” a book of occult philosophy published by Atramentous Press.
His more notable musical artistic effort is delivered through his most recent album, Tzimtzum, which combines spoken word lyricism with neoclassical instrumentation. He has been a guest on a variety of podcasts and has been the subject of various articles and documentaries, many of which relate to his life, his art, and his expertise and experience in the realm of the occult and alternative spirituality.
Recent profile pieces of which Shea Bilé has been the subject have appeared in Vice, the documentary series, 60 Second Docs, and is soon to appear on the upcoming AppleTV documentary series, The Secret Teachings of All Ages. He is also the founder of the Occult Student Alliance, based at San Francisco State University in San Francisco, California; and The Black Sun Sect, based at KU Leuven in Leuven, Belgium – both are esoteric organizations created to provide an empowering and sympathetic community for those who feel called to a path outside of conventional spirituality.
Shea Bilé holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies from San Francisco State University, in San Francisco, California, and a Master of Arts degree in philosophy from The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), in Leuven, Belgium.