David Beth on Thoth Hermes podcast, March 15th

We are pleased to announce that our very own David Beth will be joining Rudolf M. Berger on his amazing Thoth Hermes Podcast this Sunday (March 15th). Update March 15: You can find the complete episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/4zK9R28jnvk Or check it out directly on their website with more background information and the option to support the podcast: https://thothermes.com/episodes/season-4-episode-11-kosmic-gnosis-david-beth/

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Interview with Dr. Tomas Vincente, Author of “The Faceless God”

Interview with Dr. Tomas Vincente, Author of "The Faceless God" Detail of Illustration by Mitchell Nolte (c) Theion Publishing Dr. Tomas Vincente is the author of Theion Publishing’s release The Faceless God, a true tour de force on the Gnosis of the Left Hand. He has been a practitioner and researcher of the occult Arte for more than two decades. In his ‘profane’ life, Dr. Vincente is a respected professor at a North American University and author of various academic works relating to esotericism. T.P.: The Gnosis expressed in your book is said to be of the ‘Left Hand’. Of course we know that there are as many definitions of Left Hand Path [...]

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