2023: Updates and Outlook

Updates and outlook We hope that all of you have entered 2023 in good health and are looking forward with us to what this year has in store. 2022 was a phenomenal year for Theion and we intend to make the next 12 months equally exciting. Without further ado, we are pleased to share some spectacular news and perspectives. Peter Mark Adams: The Cult of Saturn We are happy to welcome Peter Mark Adams to Theion Publishing. Having greatly admired Peter’s previous work with Scarlet Imprint on the Dionysian initiation gleamed through Pompeii’s Villa of the Mysteries (Mystai) and his study on the Sola-Busca tarot (Game of Saturn), Theion [...]

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Son of Prometheus in stock and Artwork available

Son of Prometheus in stock and Artwork available Sasha Chaitow's long awaited and highly acclaimed Son of Prometheus: The Life and Work of Joséphin Péladan is in stock and shipping in the beautiful Cloth Hardcover Edition. The Auric Edition will follow in a few weeks and be certainly as regal in presentation. Meanwhile, Theion is very proud to also present and exclusively distribute Sasha's original and unique illustrations for the book as well as an extremely limited number of prints, in black and white or exclusively hand-colored. Check out our shop page or go directly to the page Artwork  to buy your copy.

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Holiday shipments and pre-order announcement

Holiday shipments and pre-order announcement The last day on which we will send books out to customers this year will be Thursday, 23rd. So, please order until the evening of tomorrow, Tuesday 21st, if you want your purchases to be shipped this year. We will resume shipping on January 3rd 2022. Also, pre-orders for the 2nd edition of Ludwig Klages' Of Cosmogonic Eros shall open on that same day, January 3rd. Mark your calendars! We wish you all a good end of the year and a safe and healthy start to 2022!  

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Publication updates, new authors and more

Publication updates, new authors and more This has been a difficult year for us all and we hope that you have managed to weather these stormy waters well so far. The pandemic has also caused some publishing delays and disruptions at Theion but we have been catching up and are back on track with all projects. This means we have quite a few exciting news to share with you so let us have a look: Publication schedule for the remainder of 2020 The Book of Flesh and Feather by Zemaemidjehuty will be available for pre-order from September 25th for subscribers to our Theion newsletter and 24 hours later for the general public. This highly fascinating work may [...]

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Hermitix Podcast Episodes with David Beth and Paul Bishop

Two very insightful, while also entertaining, episodes on the Hermitix podcast that we would like to recommend to our readers, friends and especially anybody who is interested in the pandaemonic Kosmic Gnosis of David Beth and the philosophy of Ludwig Klages. Hermitix Podcast "The Philosophy of Ludwig Klages with Paul Bishop" Hermitix Podcast "Vitalism, Kosmic Gnosis and the Primordial Reality with David Beth" Prof. Bishop wrote the introduction to our titles Chthonic Gnosis and Of Cosmogonic Eros. Enjoy!

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New blog online by Theion’s Jessica Grote

We love to share with you the new blog/website by our own Jessica Grote, on which she shares some of her thoughts and insights from the path of a (female) Kosmic Gnostic, her own occult and gnostic work. There will also be some "musings and reflections" related to Theion publications, of course. Visit, enjoy, follow and share: www.jessicagrote.com Image: Hetaera, 1906. Franciszek Żmurko (1859-1910).

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