Publication updates, new authors and more

This has been a difficult year for us all and we hope that you have managed to weather these stormy waters well so far. The pandemic has also caused some publishing delays and disruptions at Theion but we have been catching up and are back on track with all projects.

This means we have quite a few exciting news to share with you so let us have a look:

Publication schedule for the remainder of 2020

The Book of Flesh and Feather by Zemaemidjehuty will be available for pre-order from September 25th for subscribers to our Theion newsletter and 24 hours later for the general public. This highly fascinating work may be our most ambitious production yet so expect something very special.  

Labyrinthosby David Beth is in the final stages of completion and will be available for pre-order towards the end of the year. More information on this highly anticipated release in the Fall.  

New authors and upcoming releases

We are very pleased to announce the addition of two new authors to the Theion fold:

John Morton Parr

is an established author and esoteric adept. Born in the UK in 1959 he received guidance from unnamed spiritual beings from an early age. Between 1993 and 2000 he undertook intense, formal spiritual training in London and Ringwood, culminating in spending six months in Rome at the time of the Great Jubilee. From 2006 to 2008, he took instruction from Hindu and Buddhist masters in Nepal. John holds various academic degrees and spent a large part of his career in intelligence working closely with all the major western intelligence agencies. With many deployments abroad he also acted as advisor on matters of security to the Governments of Nepal, Guatemala and Uganda. He directed leadership research at the UK Defence Academy between 2008 and 2014 before becoming a full-time writer. John is a true Theurgist and his work for Theion Publishing is thus appropriately titled Theurgus: Daimonic Encounters in the Mundus Imaginalis and is slated for publication in 2022. More information on this title next year.

Jason Arthur Green

was born in South Africa and is a Theurgist, Philosopher and Hieratic Poet. From an early age he has devoted his life to the fulfillment of true Philosophia Spiritualis as Fons Vitae, the fountain of Life from which all Theophanies emerge. His book for Theion is entitled Theia Philosophia: A Supplement to Practical Theurgy by Way of the Prisca Theologia and must be justly called a true gimoire of Ars Theurgia. We expect to publish this work in late 2021/2022. More information on this title next year.

Forthcoming publications in 2021

We will kick off 2021 with The Litanies of Thoth from the Church of Flesh and Feather by Zemaemidjehuty with a pre-order date in January 2021. More information on this title in our first newsletter of 2021. 

This release will be followed by She of the Night by Idlu Lili Regulus. This substantial collection of materials on Lilith by a working sorcerer is scheduled for Spring 2021. 

Apart from these exciting releases we plan to publish at least 1- 2 more books in 2021, information on which will follow in the next months.

Shipping update USA / Australia / New Zealand…

Due to the pandemic there had been substantial shipping disruptions in the course of this year. Most of them have been resolved, however, some countries still experience major postal issues, first and foremost, the USA and Australia. Postal services have still not opened up all the usual channels for small tracked packages due to infrastructure disruptions. However, for some countries, like the USA, we are able to offer alternatives for an increased price of 10-20 EUR depending on location and number of books. Some of our customers have already opted for this option. If you live in the USA, Australia or any other country that still suffers from major postal disruptions and either want to order with us at this point or want your already ordered book(s) to be sent before the usual channels re-open, please get in touch with us and we are happy to quote you a price or additional fee for available options. Of course, we still process, pack and safely store your orders to be sent once the normal services are available again if you do not opt for an alternative.

Low Stock Alert

The following Theion releases are on low stock alert and will sell out soon:
If you have contemplated purchasing one of these titles we suggest you do so soon before these works go out of print.

Pay with Credit Card via Stripe

And finally, we want to announce a new payment option by Credit Card via Stripe as an alternative to paying with PayPal (which we still recommend). You do not need an account with Stripe, simply choose “Credit Card (Stripe)” at checkout in our web-shop. Your card data is only processed on Stripe’s highly secured servers and not on our end. For more information visit

With productive and exciting months ahead of us we wish you all the very best and want to thank you again for your continuous loyalty and interest in our work. Stay safe and well!

Jessica and David