Status Update: The Book of Flesh and Feather

Due to massive Corona related logistic delays and material shortages all through the last few weeks, we are now expecting delivery of the Cloth Hardcover edition at the end of January 2021. Our vision for this book includes very specific types of endpapers, cloth and color shades which were not in stock during the time we sent it to the printers.

Despite promises for a swift delivery of these necessary materials it took longer than expected. The alternatives which were offered to us were not to our satisfaction and rather than compromise on the vision we have for this book and its overall quality, we decided to wait for the delivery of all the originally specified materials.

These have now arrived at our partners and printing/binding will commence asap. Although we are not happy with these delays, we feel that they should not be too problematic at all and we hope you will all appreciate our dedication to quality and excellence and believe with us that a short additional wait for this phantastic book will be worth it.

We can promise you that The Book of Flesh and Feather will exceed all expectations and will be a true treasure to behold and study!

To pre-order your copy, go to: The Book of Flesh and Feather.