Update on Of Cosmogonic Eros

Update on: Of Cosmogonic Eros by Ludwig Klages The manuscript has been handed over to the printers and binders and we expect the standard copies back and ready for shipment in mid February (the hand bound Auric edition will follow in March). We must also announce a small change in the final composition of the book. Due to unforeseen personal circumstances Dr. Zotz was unable to submit his essay contribution on the reception of Of Cosmogonic Eros in German culture to us in time. However, since we did not want to deliver less material than we promised we found a more than satisfactory solution! We shall include the first ever English translation of parts [...]

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Auric copies of Underworld are shipping

Auric copies of Underworld are shipping The sold-out Auric Edition copies of Underworld have arrived! Have a first look - our master hand-binder did an outstanding job as always. A tome to treasure! Copies will be shipped within the next few days - may they enthuse their new owners! Cloth hardcover copies are still available and you can order your copy here: Underworld.

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Cloth Hardcover Copies of Underworld in stock

Cloth hardcover copies of Underworld in stock The cloth bound copies of our latest title 'Underworld' have arrived and truly stunning they are! The book is now officially 'in stock' and shipping of all pre-ordered copies commences today! We expect the Auric 'deluxe' edition to arrive at the Headquarters in late July. To purchase your own copy of Underworld, go here.

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