New authors

We are thrilled to share with you the news of welcoming two more exceptional voices to Theion Publishing: Shea Bilé and Harper Feist.

Shea Bilé

Shea Bilé is an author, occult lecturer, musician, performance artist, and podcast host. A researcher and devotee of esoteric practice for nearly 25 years, his committed adherence to subversive forms of spiritual expression has served as a vital foundation for his work. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies from San Francisco State University, in San Francisco, California, and a Master of Arts degree in philosophy from The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), in Leuven, Belgium.

Shea’s first work with Theion is tentatively titled Hymns of the Red Dragon: For centuries, the devoted karcist has relied upon scant portrayals and derivative texts to engage the spirits of the Solomonic tradition. Most of these historical evocational rites echo a call of subjugation and coercion, ritual operations dictated by a blasting rod within an Abrahamic framework and whose ultimate purpose is to extract from them little else beyond worldly acquisition.

Hymns of the Red Dragon seeks to develop a more thorough understanding of these daemons and develop a theurgic devotion built upon an emancipatory sacred arte. The hymns contained herein will follow a comprehensive scholarly analysis of each spirit, and together they will forge an elevated religious praxis.

In the end, this work aims to sacralize the commitment of the karcist. Moreover, it seeks to transcend the boundaries of conventional occult practice, transforming the circle of arte into a temple. Within this hallowed sanctum, an informed demonolatry practice is nurtured, dedicated to a devotional journey to encounter the most beautifully elusive and liberating spirits ever beheld by Man – an endarkened divinity seeking to merge with the human heart.

For more background information go here: Theion authors Shea Bilé

Harper Feist

Harper Feist is an esotericist, a scientist and a historian. She’s interested chiefly in magical innovations of late antiquity, and the use of these tools and methods today. She is involved in both the A:.A:. and the OTO (most recent past: Master of Leaping Laughter Lodge, Valley of Minneapolis, MN, USA; ordained priestess of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica; current interviewer of U.S. Grand Lodge’s official podcast, “Thelema Now”).

Harper has given a number of presentations at national and international meetings, recently including NOTOCON, ThelemaCON, the Magical Women Symposium and Trans-States.

Based on her substantial ritual work and experience, Harper’s work for Theion will focus on ‘magical creativity’. It will detail processes and results for workings she developed, for example working with Typhon involving paired bodywork and initiatory rites inspired by the PGM. The chief concept is that of “following,” that is, using the results of one ritual to create the next work or question to eventually connect deeper to spiritual and esoteric realities. The book is still in the early stages of writing but will be introduced beforehand by a stand-alone free publication of an essay called “Hekate Ochetos”. More info to follow at the appropriate time.

For more background information go here: Theion authors Harper Feist

Further Updates

  • There is only 1 Auric copy of Robert Allen’s anticipated IMAGO left to pre-order!
  • Cloth hardcover copies of IMAGO are available for pre-order and expected to arrive at our headquarters around June 9.
  • Around the same time will we receive the sold out Auric Edition copies of Underworld, cloth hardcover copies are in stock and shipping.
  • Our next publication will be Jason Arthur Green’s work on theurgy, more on which soon, pre-order is planned for July.
  • Idlu Lili Regulus’ magnum opus She of the Night is in the final editing stages and scheduled for a pre-order in late fall.