Updates, New Author, Low Stock Alert

Updates, New Author, Low Stock Alert We are delighted to bring you the latest news from our end! There is a lot happening behind the scenes, with a range of projects underway. Our current focus is on She of the Night by Idlu Lili Regulus which we are excited to announce will be available for pre-order in June. We are also in the final stages of preparing Harper Feist’s compelling essay, "Hekate Ochetos." This work shares her profound experiences of engaging in rituals to receive a special epithet from her guiding deity. We are looking forward to making this available to you in early April, with more details coming soon. New author: Volker Zotz Ph.D. (Ācārya Sudarśanavajra) [...]

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Theia Philosophia in stock and Special Sale (Save the Date)

Shipping: Theia Philosophia Fine Hardcover Edition we are pleased to announce that the Fine Hardcover Edition of Theia Philosophia: A Manual of the Royal Arte by Jason Arthur Green is in stock and shipping. All pre-ordered copies have been shipped and tracking information should be in your inbox. If you have not ordered a copy yet, you can do so here: Order Theia Philosophia Upcoming Special Sale (Save the Date) We decided to raid our archives and storage and make some rare sold-out gems available in a special sale next Wednesday, October 25. First come, first served - subscribers to our mailing list will receive the link around 8 p.m. CET. The link will only be made publicly available [...]

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Occulture Conference Berlin, Talk by Theion’s David Beth

In the following days we will be attending once again the Occulture Conference in Berlin and we are looking forward to meet many old and new friends there. If you are attending as well, say hello, and come listen to David's lecture on the Black Man of the Witches Sabbath at 14:30 (2:30 p.m.) on Sunday.

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The Litanies of Thoth open for pre-order

The Litanies of Thoth is open for pre-order We are happy to open pre-orders for our latest title The Litanies of Thoth, a companion volume to the highly acclaimed The Book of Flesh and Feather. Focused on divination and esoteric prayer as tools for communication with the Divine this work should please all theurgists and magicians. Please note, the Auric 'deluxe' edition is nearly sold out. Pre-order your copy here: The Litanies of Thoth

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David Beth on Thoth Hermes podcast, March 15th

We are pleased to announce that our very own David Beth will be joining Rudolf M. Berger on his amazing Thoth Hermes Podcast this Sunday (March 15th). Update March 15: You can find the complete episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/4zK9R28jnvk Or check it out directly on their website with more background information and the option to support the podcast: https://thothermes.com/episodes/season-4-episode-11-kosmic-gnosis-david-beth/

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New blog online by Theion’s Jessica Grote

We love to share with you the new blog/website by our own Jessica Grote, on which she shares some of her thoughts and insights from the path of a (female) Kosmic Gnostic, her own occult and gnostic work. There will also be some "musings and reflections" related to Theion publications, of course. Visit, enjoy, follow and share: www.jessicagrote.com Image: Hetaera, 1906. Franciszek Żmurko (1859-1910).

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Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018! We wish all our friends, readers, authors and business partners a very happy New Year! May it turn out to be a great and successful year for each of you! Theion has exciting major releases planned for 2018, some of which we will present in our coming Newsletter. It will be in your inbox next week and if you have not yet subscribed to it there is still time to sign up here: subscribe.

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