Shipping: IMAGO Auric Edition

The exquisite Auric copies of IMAGO: Body. Vision. Magick. by Robert H. Allen have arrived at our headquarters, and copies are already on their way to their new owners. If you pre-ordered one, you’ll receive tracking information later today. This edition is sold out, but the Cloth Hardcover Edition is available: Order IMAGO.

STOCK ALERT Theia Philosophia

The much-awaited work on Theurgy by Jason Arthur Green, Theia Philosophia: A Manual on the Royal Arte, is currently on pre-order and going strong. We expect the Fine Hardcover Edition to ship around September 22.

Only five copies of the Auric Edition remain at this point!

Pre-order here: Theia Philosophia 

Upcoming Pre-order and further stock alert

We are currently working on the new title by the Sepulcher Society. This book on Lamashtu is scheduled for a pre-order in late September so subscribe to our mailing list if you do not want to miss out: Mailing list

Meanwhile, the Sepulcher Society’s other releases, Underworld and Ferocious, are in stock and shipping, with Ferocious running low and set to sell out soon.