Cult of the Black Cube 3rd edition in stock

Cult of the Black Cube 3rd edition in stock In Nomine Saturni! Theion is delighted to announce that the 3rd edition of our highly acclaimed work on the Saturnian Mysteries, The Cult of the Black Cube, is now in stock and shipping! The 2nd edition sold out after 3 months but as demand remained high, we decided to put this seminal book back in print, in order to give more people the opportunity to investigate the Saturnian Gnosis through its lens. Apart from minor corrections, this 3rd edition is a reprint of the 2nd enlarged edition but featuring a different cloth and colors. We hope that The Cult of the Black Cube continues to radiate the mysterious light [...]

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New blog online by Theion’s Jessica Grote

We love to share with you the new blog/website by our own Jessica Grote, on which she shares some of her thoughts and insights from the path of a (female) Kosmic Gnostic, her own occult and gnostic work. There will also be some "musings and reflections" related to Theion publications, of course. Visit, enjoy, follow and share: Image: Hetaera, 1906. Franciszek Żmurko (1859-1910).

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Of Cosmogonic Eros is open for pre-orders

Of Cosmogonic Eros is now open for pre-orders The first-ever English translation of this influential book on Eros and ecstasies in an esoteric context is finally available for pre-order and of particular interest for researchers and practitioners of sexual esoteric mysteries. The auric copies are selling fast so make sure you secure your copy today! Go here: Of Cosmogonic Eros (pre-order)

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