The Litanies of Thoth guides the reader deeply into the mysteries of communication with the Great God Djehuty via rites of divination and above all esoteric prayer. After a discussion on the power and essence of prayer within a mystery tradition an entire prayer book for the liturgical year is offered to the practitioner of Khemetic/Netjerist Gnosis. Following the modified Coptic calendar (with the Gregorian calendar alongside it), powerful esoteric prayers are given for every day of the year and important holy days and feasts are noted. The author introduces various methods of employing the prayers for theurgical and magical purposes and has appended a table of Isopsephy to allow further and deeper exegesis of the mystical texts. In addition, various intriguing methods of divination are presented. [Read full description] Bibliographic Details:
  • 432 pages, page format: 100 x 153 mm
  • high-quality wood-free, half-matte coated paper (100gsm)
  • incl. several b/w illustrations by the author,
  • Surbalin gold endpapers,
  • headbands, ribbon, rounded spine.
Cloth Hardcover Edition (Pre-order):
  • bound in fine Bamberger Kaliko gold cloth,
  • deep blue embossing on front and spine,
  • limited to 720 copies.
This is a pre-order. We expect the Cloth Hardcover Edition to ship early May 2021 and the Auric Edition a few weeks later.