Pre-order Of Cosmogonic Eros, 2nd Edition & further news

We hope you all transitioned well into the New Year! 2021 was an epic year for Theion and your great appreciation for our titles gives us additional motivation to make 2022 even better!

Titles 2022

Despite the disruption of supply chains due to the pandemic we aim at releasing four new titles this year, Idlu Lili Regulus’ magnum opus on Lilith, She of the Night, amongst them. Additionally, we shall publish new editions of two or three much sought-after out-of-print titles.

New Author

Let’s kick off the year by welcoming one of the most intriguing female voices of contemporary esotericism, Dr. Brigid Burke, to Theion Publishing. Academic researcher and spiritual practitioner, she is also the author of the highly acclaimed Death and the Maiden: The Curious Relationship Between the Fear of the Feminine and the Fear of Death and owns the Chthonia platform and podcast. Brigid is currently working on a project for Theion which will be published under the title Phantom Queen: Encountering the Morrigan in 2023/24.

Pre-order Of Cosmogonic Eros, 2nd Edition

We are pleased to open pre-orders for the new revised edition of Ludwig Klages’ Of Cosmogonic ErosThis seminal monograph on the true elemental nature of Eros as a world-shaping power and its related states of intoxication and ecstasy was one of Theion’s past bestsellers. Highly in demand since it sold out and due to its importance to researchers and practitioners alike, we decided to make this influential work available again.

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Free Event:

On Jan. 13th, David Beth will be giving a free online presentation on The Cult of the Black Cube as part of the Watkins Books presentation series. Please see details on the Watkins Books (London) event page.