Forthcoming Publication Spring 2019: Ferocious

Theion Publishing is pleased to announce the forthcoming Spring 2019 publication of Ferocious, a modern tantric manual dealing with the trans-gressive cult of the fearsome Matrika (“little mother”) goddesses of South Asia. This new work by the Sepulcher Society explores the rich history and development of the Matrika cult as well as the tantric background in which it has survived. While the Matrika goddesses are initially addressed as a coherent group, each goddess has a dedicated chapter elaborating her unique origins, iconography, and mantras.

The book also discusses the Matrika cult in modern times, and offers practical guidance for those who wish to practice this cultus. Following their highly acclaimed Underworld, the Sepulcher Society’s Ferocious will again combine rigorous scholarly investigation and depth with the perspective of magical practitioners.

More information on this title will become available at pre-order which we expect to open in April 2019.