The Cult of the Black Cube, 2nd Edition, shipping update and more

The Cloth Hardcover Edition of The Cult of the Black Cube, 2nd Edition has been in stock and shipping since late September. We are very thankful for the great feedback and reviews we are receiving! For example, this great review on Foolish Fish’s YouTube channel:

If you do not have a copy ordered yet, you can do so here.

The Auric Edition copies are currently being manifested by our master binder and we expect themĀ  to ship in mid November, a more exact date to follow.

Also, there will soon be an interview with David Beth on his essay contribution to the second edition as well as Dr. Moros’ work on the wonderful Thoth-Hermes Podcast which we will share in a separate news item once available.

Last but not least a STOCK UPDATE: Chthonic Gnosis is below 50 copies and The Book of Flesh and Feather just dropped below a hundred copies.