• The Vodou Quantum Leap (Tribute Edition)

    75,00  incl. VAT plus shipping
    Dedicated to our late friend, the visionary Haitian-American Dr. Reginald Crosley, this book needs little introduction. Since its first publication, The Vodou Quantum Leap has gained iconic status as one of the most intriguing and visionary works elaborating the most hidden and shadowy dimensions of the Vodou Universe.  At the core of his work, we find Crosley’s radical claim that operational Vodou, especially in the workings of the Secret Societies, is nothing short of applied Quantum and New Physics. The Vodou Quantum Leap features an exclusive foreword by David Beth. [Read full description] Bibliographic Details:
    • 384 pages, 165 x 235 mm,
    • printed on 115gsm wood-free quality design paper,
    • deep black Surbalin endpapers,
    • incl. 6 greyscale images of artwork by Peter Dyde,
    • black and white photo of the late Dr. Crosley, courtesy of his family.
    Cloth Hardcover Edition (In stock) 
    • Bound in purple Brillianta® fine cloth,
    • black embossing, lettering on spine, headbands, ribbon,
    • limited to 522 copies only.
    The Cloth Hardcover Edition is in stock and shipping. The Auric Edition copies will be bound by a master binder and are expected to ship early to mid September.
  • Feared, bedeviled and vilified but also venerated, adored and embraced, Saturn and his shadowy powers have strongly influenced the spiritual and magical life of cultures and individuals for millennia. Concentrating especially on His antinomian and anti-cosmic character, The Cult of The Black Cube is a seminal study on the occult essence and esoteric significance of Saturn in theory and practice. The third edition features a foreword by Dr. Tomas Vincente, author of The Faceless God, and an elaborate essay by David Beth on the Saturnine deity entitled "Clavis Saturni: A Kosmic Heresy".  [Read full description] Bibliographic details:
    • 192 pages, 165x235 mm,
    • printed on wood-free high quality Lessebo Design paper (115gsm),
    • Surbalin deep black endpapers.
    Cloth Hardcover Edition:
    • Bound in silver metallic fine cloth,
    • front embossing, lettering on spine, headbands, book ribbon,
    • limited to 900 copies.
  • The Infernal Masque

    63,00  incl. VAT plus shipping
    From the author of The Benighted Path comes this long-awaited new book that delves further into the nocturnal art. The Infernal Masque explores the vital interplay between primordial darkness and infernal fire. It is the dynamic tension between these two elements that creates the sublime frisson within the flesh and soul of the Initiate, immersing them in the ecstatic tempest of daemonic reality. So awakened, one may consult the legions of the Dead, commune with spirits and eventually participate in the grand danse macabre that is the Infernal Masque itself. [Read full description]
    Bibliographic details:
    • 160 pages, 165 x 235 mm,
    • Printed on wood-free high quality Design paper in natural white (115gsm),
    • Surbalin deep black endpapers, headband, ribbon, rounded spine.

    Cloth Hardcover Edition (In Stock) 

    • Bound in black-ivory fine cloth,
    • Red embossing on the front, lettering on spine.
    • Limited to 890 copies.
    The Cloth Hardcover Edition is in stock and shipping.
  • The Benighted Path, 2nd Edition

    63,00  incl. VAT plus shipping
    Twisting beyond the placid boundaries of civilization is an ancient occult pathway. Its voyagers do not march the linear road of human progress and spiritual ascent but instead orient their souls to the luminous, haunted darkness of the Depth. Many have glimpsed this eerie dimension when sleep has delivered them onto the back of the charging Night-Mare, and recollections of these brief visitations survive in countless tales of terror and in the folklore of locales rumored to be fey or cursed. Rare, however, is the individual who willingly pays the tariff and passes irretrievably through that twilight of existence in order to become Benighted – for the bounties are plentiful. [Read full description]
    Bibliographic details:
    • 160 pages, 165 x 235 mm,
    • Printed on a wood-free high-quality paper (115 gsm),
    • Surbalin deep-black endpapers.

    Cloth Hardcover Edition (In stock) 

    • Bound in dusk-blue fine cloth,
    • Silver embossing on the front, lettering on spine, ribbon, headbands.
    • Limited to 890 copies,
    • 63-, EUR + shipping.
  • Of Cosmogonic Eros (2nd Edition)

    65,00 167,00  incl. VAT plus shipping
    Ludwig Klages’ seminal monograph on the true elemental nature of Eros as a world-shaping power and its related states of intoxication and ecstasy was one of Theion’s past bestsellers. Highly in demand since it sold out and due to its importance to researchers and practitioners alike, we decided to make this influential work available again. Of Cosmogonic Eros (2nd Edition) is published in two editions: A cloth-bound edition of 870 copies and a hand-bound Special Edition of 115 copies half-bound in bonded leather with marbled papers and slipcase. There is no 'traditional' Auric Edition for this title. [Read full description] Bibliographic details:
    • revised second edition.
    • 272 pages, 165×235 mm.
    • printed on wood-free high quality paper (115gsm).
    • b/w illustrations and photo reproduction.
    • Surbalin endpapers.
    Cloth Hardcover Edition (In stock) 
    • Bound in ruby red fine cloth.
    • Gold embossing on front and lettering on spine, headbands, silk ribbon.
    • Limited to 870 copies only.
    In stock and shipping. Special Edition (In stock) 
    • Half-leather binding with bonded leather on spine, marbled paper on cover boards.
    • Gold lettering on spine, ribbon, headbands, solid slipcase.
    • Limited to 115 copies only.
    Special Edition copies are in stock and shipping.
  • The Litanies of Thoth

    48,00  incl. VAT plus shipping
    The Litanies of Thoth guides the reader deeply into the mysteries of communication with the Great God Djehuty via rites of divination and above all esoteric prayer. After a discussion on the power and essence of prayer within a mystery tradition an entire prayer book for the liturgical year is offered to the practitioner of Khemetic/Netjerist Gnosis. Following the modified Coptic calendar (with the Gregorian calendar alongside it), powerful esoteric prayers are given for every day of the year and important holy days and feasts are noted. The author introduces various methods of employing the prayers for theurgical and magical purposes and has appended a table of Isopsephy to allow further and deeper exegesis of the mystical texts. In addition, various intriguing methods of divination are presented. [Read full description] Bibliographic Details:
    • 432 pages, page format: 100 x 153 mm
    • high-quality wood-free, half-matte coated paper (100gsm)
    • incl. several b/w illustrations by the author,
    • Surbalin gold endpapers,
    • headbands, ribbon, rounded spine.
    Cloth Hardcover Edition (In Stock):
    • bound in fine Bamberger Kaliko gold cloth,
    • deep blue embossing on front and spine,
    • limited to 720 copies.
  • The transgressive cultus of the wild, blood-thirsty and demon-slaying Matrikas (“little Mothers”) is amongst the most fascinating but least treated areas of South Asian spirituality and magic. Exploring the rich history of the Matrika Cult as well as the tantric background in which it has survived, Ferocious takes the reader deep into initiatic terrain. [Read full description] Bibliographic details:
    • 272 pages, 165×235 mm, stitched.
    • printed on wood-free high quality paper (115gsm).
    • 7 original full page b/w illustrations by Erica Frevel; additional photo reproductions.
    • Surbalin endpapers.
    Cloth Hardcover Edition (In stock)
    • Bound in shiny red fine cloth.
    • Embossing, lettering on spine, headbands.
    • Limited to 756 copies only.
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