Publication updates, new authors and more

Publication updates, new authors and more This has been a difficult year for us all and we hope that you have managed to weather these stormy waters well so far. The pandemic has also caused some publishing delays and disruptions at Theion but we have been catching up and are back on track with all projects. This means we have quite a few exciting news to share with you so let us have a look: Publication schedule for the remainder of 2020 The Book of Flesh and Feather by Zemaemidjehuty will be available for pre-order from September 25th for subscribers to our Theion newsletter and 24 hours later for the general public. This highly fascinating work may [...]

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Richard Gavin on Hermitix Podcast

We are excited to share this excellent interview with Richard Gavin, esteemed author of The Benighted Path. Give it a listen and check out Hermitix Podcast for other insightful interviews, like for example with David Beth or Paul Bishop!

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Podcast with Tomas Vincente, Author of The Faceless God

We are excited to share the first podcast appearance of the author of Theion Publishing's 'Faceless God', Tomas Vincente, on the Thoth Hermes podcast. A rare opportunity to hear this magus and scholar speak about his work. A very insightful conversation! Thoth Hermes Podcast Season 4, episode 24: Tomas Vincente

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Hermitix Podcast Episodes with David Beth and Paul Bishop

Two very insightful, while also entertaining, episodes on the Hermitix podcast that we would like to recommend to our readers, friends and especially anybody who is interested in the pandaemonic Kosmic Gnosis of David Beth and the philosophy of Ludwig Klages. Hermitix Podcast "The Philosophy of Ludwig Klages with Paul Bishop" Hermitix Podcast "Vitalism, Kosmic Gnosis and the Primordial Reality with David Beth" Prof. Bishop wrote the introduction to our titles Chthonic Gnosis and Of Cosmogonic Eros. Enjoy!

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David Beth on Thoth Hermes podcast, March 15th

We are pleased to announce that our very own David Beth will be joining Rudolf M. Berger on his amazing Thoth Hermes Podcast this Sunday (March 15th). Update March 15: You can find the complete episode on YouTube: Or check it out directly on their website with more background information and the option to support the podcast:

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New blog online by Theion’s Jessica Grote

We love to share with you the new blog/website by our own Jessica Grote, on which she shares some of her thoughts and insights from the path of a (female) Kosmic Gnostic, her own occult and gnostic work. There will also be some "musings and reflections" related to Theion publications, of course. Visit, enjoy, follow and share: Image: Hetaera, 1906. Franciszek Żmurko (1859-1910).

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Publication Schedule 2020, News and Updates

Publication Schedule 2020, News and Updates 2020 is upon us and we wish you all a magical New Year! Theion Publishing is pleased to share with you its publication schedule 2020 and further news. Labyrinthos Mysteries of Adonism by David Beth Pre-order in Spring 2020 Adonism is one of the most fascinating spiritual and magical systems of the early 20th Century. Virtually unknown outside the German speaking world, this ‘erotic Satanism’ had a great impact on German occultism through the writings of Dr. Musallam (Franz Sättler) and Friedrich Wilhelm (Rah Omir) Quintscher. With the death of both main protagonists during the chaos of WWII, any organized and initiatic operations of [...]

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New author: Idlu Lili Regulus

New author: Idlu Lili Regulus Author Portrait by the Womb of Ama, by Linn Jätze (IG: @linn.jaetze), (c) 2019. Theion Publishing is glad to welcome Idlu Lili Regulus whose highly acclaimed debut release Hekate the Crossroads' Dark Goddess (Ixaxaar 2019) made a great impact. Idlu Lili Regulus’ new work is nothing short of a magnum opus and will engage the highly complex and powerful figure of Lilith. Idlu Lili Regulus is a European sorcerer, whose deep commitment to the Arte Magical also led to a complementary academic education in Archaeology and History. Especially devoted to the wild and untamed divine feminine, the author's work combines scholarship and intense magical practice to manifest esoteric glyphs emanating from [...]

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New author: Dr. Caroline Tully

New author: Dr. Caroline Tully Theion Publishing is pleased to welcome Dr. Caroline Tully to our cabal. Caroline has been a leading voice in the pagan and esoteric community for decades and is a noted scholar with a Phd in Aegean Archaeology. We have been great admirers of her work on nature religions and the spiritual world of antiquity and are delighted to be working with her on future esoteric projects. Further details on her first release with Theion Publishing soon, in the meantime you can read some of her fascinating scholarly articles here:

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News and Updates on Authors and Releases

News and Updates on Authors and Releases With spring in full swing we are happy to share some very exciting news with you all! New Richard Gavin release Since the release of the highly acclaimed The Benighted Path in 2015, we have received consistent inquiries from our readers as to a possible follow up to this book. The time has come to let you know that Richard Gavin is currently working on a new tome for Theion! We shall not divulge any details just yet but will say that it is another deep investigation of nocturnal occult and Gnostic currents. We expect a release of this book in late 2020/early 2021 and without a doubt [...]

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