2023: Updates and Outlook

Updates and outlook We hope that all of you have entered 2023 in good health and are looking forward with us to what this year has in store. 2022 was a phenomenal year for Theion and we intend to make the next 12 months equally exciting. Without further ado, we are pleased to share some spectacular news and perspectives. Peter Mark Adams: The Cult of Saturn We are happy to welcome Peter Mark Adams to Theion Publishing. Having greatly admired Peter’s previous work with Scarlet Imprint on the Dionysian initiation gleamed through Pompeii’s Villa of the Mysteries (Mystai) and his study on the Sola-Busca tarot (Game of Saturn), Theion [...]

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Son of Prometheus in stock and Artwork available

Son of Prometheus in stock and Artwork available Sasha Chaitow's long awaited and highly acclaimed Son of Prometheus: The Life and Work of Joséphin Péladan is in stock and shipping in the beautiful Cloth Hardcover Edition. The Auric Edition will follow in a few weeks and be certainly as regal in presentation. Meanwhile, Theion is very proud to also present and exclusively distribute Sasha's original and unique illustrations for the book as well as an extremely limited number of prints, in black and white or exclusively hand-colored. Check out our shop page or go directly to the page Artwork  to buy your copy.

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Shipping updates & upcoming pre-order

Shipping update We are delighted to inform you that the Reginald Crosley tribute edition of The Vodou Quantum Leap will be in stock and shipping from next Wednesday (August 3, 2022). The Auric Edition copies of The Infernal Masque are being brought to life at the bindery and will ship mid August, to be followed by the Auric Edition copies of The Vodou Quantum Leap a few weeks later. Both editions are sold out but 'standard' Cloth Hardcover copies are available. Mark your calendar: August 5, 5pm CEST Subscriber pre-order for Son of Prometheus On August 5, 5pm CEST we will open mailing list pre-orders for the much anticipated Son of Prometheus: The life and work of Joséphin [...]

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The Infernal Masque is in stock and shipping

We are pleased to notify you that Richard Gavin’s highly anticipated new work The Infernal Masque is now in stock and shipping. This book is following up Richard’s Theion debut The Benighted Path (now available in in its second edition) and continues to open up the liminal spaces and chthonic realms of magical consciousness and sorcerous practices. All pre-ordered copies will be shipped within the next 48 hours. We are expecting the delivery of The Infernal Masque Auric copies mid August. Further updates: The Vodou Quantum Leap: We expect delivery of the clothbound ‘standard’ edition on August 3 and the Auric ed. copies a few weeks later. Son of Prometheus: Pre-orders will open for Sasha [...]

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Shipping updates and outlook

Dear friends, This is a very busy year for Theion and thus another quick update from us to keep you in the loop: All orders (of in-stock-titles) between June 13th and 21st will be processed but shall only ship from June 23rd due to a short trip abroad. We expect the Cloth Hardcover Edition of The Infernal Masque by Richard Gavin on June 24th and will ship all pre-orders the days following. The Vodou Quantum Leap is also with the printers and we'll update as soon as we have a delivery date confirmed. Meanwhile, there is still 1 Auric copy left to pre-order! À propos Auric Editions: we only have 4 Auric copies left of the beautiful The [...]

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Benighted Path Auric Edition is shipping

The Auric ‘deluxe’ Edition of Richard Gavin’s celebrated The Benighted Path (2nd Edition) has arrived. Hand-bound by our master-binder and limited to 58 hand-numbered exemplars, this striking and elegant edition marks another high point in Theion’s publication history. All pre-ordered copies will be dispatched to their new homes this week. 10 final Auric copies are still available directly from Theion at this point, make sure you do not miss out on this fine book!

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The Vodou Quantum Leap Tribute Edition

We are honoured to open pre-orders for our 2022 The Vodou Quantum Leap 'Crosley Tribute Edition’. Dedicated to our late friend, the visionary Haitian-American Dr. Reginald Crosley, this book needs little introduction. Since its first publication, The Vodou Quantum Leap has gained iconic status as one of the most intriguing and visionary works elaborating the most hidden and shadowy dimensions of the Vodou Universe.  At the core of his work, we find Crosley’s radical claim that operational Vodou, especially in the workings of the Secret Societies, is nothing short of applied Quantum and New Physics. This Tribute Edition of The Vodou Quantum Leap is a slightly revised and corrected reprint of Theion’s 2014 revised and expanded edition and remains the most complete edition of this seminal work. Only a limited [...]

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Preview: Freemasonry in Haiti

Preview: Freemasonry in Haiti We are delighted to share the news of another release with you which will be published later this year: An intimate exploration of Haitian Freemasonry in photographic images and text. For this project, renowned photographer Leah Gordon is joined by Dr. Katherine Smith as editor of a selected collection of texts. This book will also feature an extensive introduction by Dr. Henrik Bogdan. About the Book: In Haiti, during the colonial era, the Freemasons were one of the few European institutions that attempted to transcend race, religion, and nation. Freemasonry still thrives in contemporary Haiti, and its visual world pervades Haiti’s visual culture. Symbols recur throughout these [...]

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Son of Prometheus

Son of Prometheus: The Life & Work of Joséphin Péladan With great joy we announce the forthcoming publication of Son of Prometheus by Sasha Chaitow. Based on her PhD thesis this ground-breaking in-depth study of the life and works of French esotericist Joséphin Péladan will precede her trilogy on Peladan’s esoteric work and art to be released by Theion in the coming years. This book is the first scholarly study of the life and work of Joséphin Péladan that succeeds in placing it in the context of the history of Western Esotericism while also providing a clear roadmap to the entirety of Péladan's initiatory teachings and philosophy of the esoteric power of art. Responding to multiple cultural [...]

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Shipping update, Save the date, and more

Shipping update, Save the date, and more Of Cosmogonic Eros, Special edition (sample mock-up) Shipping Update: Of Cosmogonic Eros, Special Edition Special Edition copies of Ludwig Klages' Of Cosmogonic Eros are expected at the HQ next week and will be prepared for shipment right away. There are still copies of this more affordable but no less beautiful deluxe edition available. Save the Date The Infernal Masque by Richard Gavin Pre-orders for Richard Gavin’s highly anticipated new work The Infernal Masque will open on  April 29th, mark your calendar. His first release with Theion, The Benighted Path, has just been released in a second edition, available here: The [...]

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